A Jobs Plan Big Enough to:  
  Restore growth to Illinois,
  Fund Pensions, Pay Off Debt  
  and Balance the Budget.  

A Bright Future For Illinois 

​Our 10-year Jobs Plan will make higher education the economic engine powering a new era of prosperity by exporting Illinois' online degree programs to the middle-class in the emerging world.  Our Jobs Plan will:

  • Enroll 2.1 million international online student,

  • Create 392,000 new jobs (1st order of job growth) in Illinois,

  • Increase Illinois GDP by $58.5 billion,

  • Generate $11.5 billion per year in additional tax revenues (income, sales, excise, motor fuel, etc.),

  • Fund pensions and pay off state debt without additional state borrowing, cutting essential public services or raising tax rates.

Our results are achievable because:

  • The middle-class, English speaking, college age population in the emerging world is more than one billion potential students,

  • US higher education is the envy of the emerging world and Illinois  is the 2nd most popular U.S. destination for wealthy, on-campus, international students,

  • Our global marketing efforts will leverage that US academic envy and Illinois' international prestige,

  • Marketing efforts are relatively easy to scale up; much easier, for instance, than building new manufacturing facilities, and

  • Illinois colleges and universities will incrementally add additional staff as their online student body grows over our 10-year Jobs Plan.

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