Our plan will make 
  higher education the  
  economic engine 
  driving a new era of 
  prosperity for Illinois.  

DegreesAnywhere began as an LLC 25 years ago when founder Bjarne Jensen saw the need for a directory of distance learning (now called online learning) college degree programs.  Originally published as a printed guidebook, the directory evolved into the oldest and largest online database of regionally accredited online degree programs (diploma mills excluded) in the world.

After running this successful business, Mr. Jensen is seeking to utilize the database as a source of economic revitalization for the United States and, initially Illinois. 


He founded onlineUSdegrees, a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit company, and developed this global outreach project as a public service and a way to cap off his career with a much-needed economic contribution to restore economic vitality to Illinois by making higher education the economic engine driving a new era of prosperity.

Illinois’ most valuable international resource, higher education, is the envy of the world.  The onlineUSdegrees team has developed a bold and achievable Jobs Plan to leverage that international advantage by promoting Illinois online degrees through out the emerging world.  Our Jobs Plan will, in ten years:

  • Enroll 2.1 million international online students, creating 392,000 well paid jobs in Illinois and make Illinois the number one jobs destination in the United States.

  • Increase Illinois GDP by $58.8 Billion.

  • Generate $11.5 billion additional annual income tax receipts, enabling the state to pay all its bills and fully fund pensions,

  • Enable state colleges and universities to provide reduced education to Illinois residents.

We need your tax-deductible donations to fund enrollment seminars, first in china and then select countries in the emerging world.  The seminars will feature retired Illinois college professors along with admissions counselors, as presenters, from each of the 68 schools which offer online programs.

Your donations will help us resolve Illinois financial crisis by making higher education, our greatest international resource, the biggest Illinois export.

Please make a tax-deductible donation.  Click here to donate.