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  U.S. destination for  
  wealthy international students.  

April 15, 2017

onlineUSdegrees launches Jobs Plan for Illinois

Making higher education the engine driving job growth and prosperity.


Springfield, IL: Today, onlineUSdegrees launched their jobs plan to restore prosperity to Illinois by exporting Illinois higher education. “The United states is the academic envy of the world,” according to Bjarne Jensen, Founder and President of onlineUSdegrees. “Our 10-Year Jobs Plan will leverage that academic envy by globally marketing the 68 Illinois schools which have online programs.”  We will add 2.1 million online students over 10-years, creating 392,000 new jobs in Illinois.  The incremental changes in the GDP and tax revenues will restore financial stability to the state.  The unique aspect of our Jobs Plan is it can be accomplished outside of the political process.

A new opportunity: Campus enrollment by international students, all of them from wealthy foreign families, has recently plateaued indicating an end to international campus enrollment growth.  However, a much bigger enrollment opportunity is the one billion middle class, English speaking, college age prospective students who cannot afford to come here.  Online is their only US academic option. The international online opportunity is one thousand times greater than additional classroom enrollment.

The Problem: International on-line enrollment is stymied by the way internet searches generate search results.  Because commission-seeking college brokers pay for preferential placement, information about online programs offered by reputable colleges and universities is nearly impossible to find internationally. 

Our Solution: Prospective students and the families that support them need help with a process that is too difficult for them to navigate on their own.  Personal counseling at on-location enrollment seminars is the key to connect prospective foreign students with Illinois online degree programs.  By helping prospective students navigate a process that is very difficult to accomplish without us, we will resolve the Illinois financial crisis.  Our pilot enrollment seminars will be in China. When we have fine-tuned the seminars and enrollment assistance protocol, we will replicate the process to select countries in the emerging world.

About onlineUSdegrees:

OnlineUSdegrees is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation. Our mission is to make higher education the engine powering a new era of prosperity in Illinois.  We will create an abundance of jobs in higher education, which will significantly increase tax revenues and restore economic vitality to Illinois.  Our non-political jobs plan is funded by tax deductible contributions.

Call to Action: If you believe job growth is the key to restoring prosperity in Illinois, please make a tax-deductible donation at: